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pendant, Preciosa Vintage Pendants Czech 15x9mm Top drilled CRAFT Pack of 4 Jonquil AB



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Preci pendantosa Top dri pendantlled 15x9mm Pendants Pack of 4 i pendantn a stunni pendantng shade of Jonqui pendantl ABOffered for sale i pendants a pack of 4 stunni pendantng top dri pendantlled pendants by Preci pendantosa. They are Czech and i pendantn a stunni pendantng shade of Jonqui pendantl ABThese have unli pendantmi pendantted appli pendantcati pendantons i pendantn craft and desi pendantgn and would make stunni pendantng dangly earri pendantngs.They are beauti pendantful classi pendantc and perfect for any occasi pendanton.These wi pendantll be sent by Royal Mai pendantl standard whi pendantch does not enable me to provi pendantde a tracki pendantng number.Should you want me to use tracked post please contact me as there wi pendantll be a further charge.Please note that I always obtai pendantn a proof of posti pendantng from Royal Mai pendantl for both tracked and standard mai pendantl.Please vi pendantsi pendantt my Etsy shop where I have a large vari pendantety of craft i pendanttems and costume jewellerywww./uk/your/shops/Prettyvi pendantntagebeads/tools/Prettyvi pendantntagebeads

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