Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

huge turquoise stone, Chunky turquoise necklace



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"When I'm walki turquoise necklaceng by the waterCome up through my toesTo my anklesTo my headTo my soulAnd I'm blown away..."Thi turquoise necklaces beauti turquoise necklaceful turquoi turquoise necklacese stone has so much character. It has been set i turquoise necklacen a handmade sterli turquoise necklaceng si turquoise necklacelver setti turquoise necklaceng. It hangs on an oxi turquoise necklacedi turquoise necklacezed (darkened) sterli turquoise necklaceng si turquoise necklacelver chai turquoise necklacen. Thi turquoise necklaces i turquoise necklaces a very substanti turquoise necklaceal si turquoise necklaceze stone. Perfect to make a bold statement. Stone si turquoise necklaceze: 1.75 i turquoise necklacenches tall by 1 i turquoise necklacench wi turquoise necklacede. Chai turquoise necklacen length: 25 i turquoise necklacenches

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