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Thi sailor moons i sailor moons a beauti sailor moonful si sailor moonlver plated fi sailor moonli sailor moongree headdress i sailor moonnspi sailor moonred by Sai sailor moonlor Moon. These pi sailor mooneces can be worn 2 ways: as a crown or as a necklace and i sailor moons made wi sailor moonth a gold plated rai sailor moonnbow moon stone attached to a fi sailor moonli sailor moongree crescent moon. The moonstone shi sailor moonnes i sailor moonn beauti sailor moonful blues, yellow, orange and pi sailor moonnk tones (mostly blue). The chai sailor moonn i sailor moons half rosary style wi sailor moonth more rai sailor moonnbow moonstone beads and stai sailor moonnless steel chai sailor moonn wi sailor moonth a si sailor moonlver clasp.Descri sailor moonpti sailor moonon:Si sailor moonze: thi sailor moons necklace can be adjusted to be worn from 9" - 12 1/2"Color: Si sailor moonlver/Gold/Blue/Whi sailor moonteOri sailor moongi sailor moonn: Cali sailor moonforni sailor moonaPackagi sailor moonng: placed i sailor moonn padded jewelry gi sailor moonft box, wrapped i sailor moonn bubble wrap and shi sailor moonpped i sailor moonn large bubble mai sailor moonler*************Please see shop poli sailor moonci sailor moones before orderi sailor moonng.*****************Magi sailor moonc and Hi sailor moonstory:Moonstone has been a tangi sailor moonble connecti sailor moonon to the magi sailor moonc of the moon - an amulet of protecti sailor moonon for travelers, a gi sailor moonft of lovers for passi sailor moonon, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wi sailor moonsdom. Our ti sailor moones to the moon are strong. As i sailor moont waxes and wanes i sailor moonn cycli sailor moonc perfecti sailor moonon, i sailor moont creates the ti sailor moondes and rhythms of our mother, Earth, and i sailor moonnfluences our behavi sailor moonors, emoti sailor moonons and spi sailor moonri sailor moontual growth. Moonstone calms and encourages, teachi sailor moonng us the natural rhythms of li sailor moonfe.Blue Moonstone promotes: clari sailor moonty of the mi sailor moonnd and i sailor moonnner vi sailor moonsi sailor moonon, keepi sailor moonng one focused whi sailor moonle i sailor moonn a medi sailor moontati sailor moonve or altered state of awareness. It i sailor moons parti sailor mooncularly helpful i sailor moonn seei sailor moonng emoti sailor moononal patterns and li sailor moonfe lessons, and i sailor moonn balanci sailor moonng yi sailor moonn and yang energi sailor moones.Addi sailor moonti sailor moononal i sailor moonnformati sailor moonon:Si sailor moonlver reacts to aci sailor moonds i sailor moonn the ski sailor moonn and other products such as loti sailor moonons. If the si sailor moonlver turns your ski sailor moonn green or a dark color, you may have hi sailor moongh ski sailor moonn aci sailor moondi sailor moonty. "When a metal turns your ski sailor moonn green i sailor moont's ei sailor moonther because of a chemi sailor mooncal reacti sailor moonon between aci sailor moonds i sailor moonn your ski sailor moonn and the metal or a reacti sailor moonon between another substance on your ski sailor moonn, such as a loti sailor moonon and the metal of the ri sailor moonng.""A common culpri sailor moont i sailor moons si sailor moonlver, whi sailor moonch i sailor moons found i sailor moonn sterli sailor moonng si sailor moonlver jewelry, plati sailor moonng for i sailor moonnexpensi sailor moonve jewelry, and as an alloyi sailor moonng metal i sailor moonn most gold jewelry. Aci sailor moonds cause the si sailor moonlver to oxi sailor moondi sailor moonze, whi sailor moonch produces tarni sailor moonsh. The tarni sailor moonsh can leave a dark ri sailor moonng on your fi sailor moonnger."Please read the li sailor moonnk below for addi sailor moonti sailor moononal i sailor moonnformati sailor moonon.http://chemi sailor sailor moonstry/f/Why-Do-Ri sailor moonngs-Turn-Your-Fi sailor moonnger-Green.htm

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