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crescent moon, Sailor Moon Crescent Stud Earrings



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These earri earringsngs are i earringsnspi earringsred by Sai earringslor Moon's crescent studs. They are brass crescent moons wi earringsth a sterli earringsng sli earringsver earri earringsng post and sterli earringsng si earringslver earri earringsng backs.Descri earringspti earringson:Si earringsze: Crescent moon i earringss 1 cm i earringsn lengthColor: Brass/Gold/Si earringslverOri earringsgi earringsn: Cali earringsforni earringsaPackagi earringsng: placed i earringsn padded jewelry gi earringsft box, wrapped i earringsn bubble wrap and shi earringspped i earringsn large bubble mai earringsler*************Please see shop poli earringsci earringses before orderi earringsng.*****************Addi earringsti earringsonal i earringsnformati earringson:Si earringslver reacts to aci earringsds i earringsn the ski earringsn and other products such as loti earringsons. If the si earringslver turns your ski earringsn green or a dark color, you may have hi earringsgh ski earringsn aci earringsdi earringsty. "When a metal turns your ski earringsn green i earringst's ei earringsther because of a chemi earringscal reacti earringson between aci earringsds i earringsn your ski earringsn and the metal or a reacti earringson between another substance on your ski earringsn, such as a loti earringson and the metal of the ri earringsng.""A common culpri earringst i earringss si earringslver, whi earringsch i earringss found i earringsn sterli earringsng si earringslver jewelry, plati earringsng for i earringsnexpensi earringsve jewelry, and as an alloyi earringsng metal i earringsn most gold jewelry. Aci earringsds cause the si earringslver to oxi earringsdi earringsze, whi earringsch produces tarni earringssh. The tarni earringssh can leave a dark ri earringsng on your fi earringsnger."Please read the li earringsnk below for addi earringsti earringsonal i earringsnformati earringson.http://chemi earringsstry/f/Why-Do-Ri earringsngs-Turn-Your-Fi earringsnger-Green.htm

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