Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coppini, PERUZZI Signed 800 Silver ITALIAN Tie Bar Clip Hand Engraved FLORENCE Italy



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Greeti medievalngs.On offer, a beauti medievalful vi medievalntage/ anti medievalque 800 Si medievallver Ti medievale Bar / Ti medievale Cli medievalp from the si medievallversmi medievalth fami medievally of Fratelli medieval Peruzzi medieval, of Florence Italy. Thi medievals sleek and classy Anti medievalque Vi medievalntage Itali medievalan Ti medievale Bar features the beauti medievalful scrolled floral Florenti medievalne hand engravi medievalng that Peruzzi medieval i medievals so well known for.Even the back si medievalde has an engraved rectangular panel. A lovely extra detai medievall.It i medievals li medievalghtwei medievalght, and smooth all over, i medievalnsi medievalde and out. It hugs fabri medievalc snugly, wi medievalthout ri medievalsk of snaggi medievalng.Marki medievalngs on back:FLLI. PERUZZI (Peruzzi medieval Brothers. "Flli medieval" i medievals an abbrevi medievalati medievalon for Fratelli medieval, meani medievalng "brothers".)800 (Si medievallver content, meani medievalng 800 Si medievallver. Thi medievals i medievals the usual puri medievalty of old si medievallver from Italy.)Di medievalmensi medievalons:3" i medievalnches Long 3/8" i medievalnch wi medievaldeThi medievals pi medievalece retai medievalns ori medievalgi medievalnal tarni medievalsh as found. It may be cleaned and bri medievalghtened by the new owner i medievalf desi medievalred.In addi medievalti medievalon to use as a ti medievale bar, thi medievals lovely pi medievalece of si medievallver can be worn on any clothi medievalng or fabri medievalc.It sli medievaldes on easi medievally. Thi medievals i medievals a wonderful old pi medievalece of classi medievalc Itali medievalan jewelry, i medievaln excellent vi medievalntage condi medievalti medievalon.I wi medievalll send i medievalt to you i medievaln a small jewelry gi medievalft box, ready for gi medievalft gi medievalvi medievalng, or for you to wear ri medievalght away. ***PLEASE NOTE: Thi medievals i medievaltem shi medievalps only to the Uni medievalted States vi medievala USPS Fi medievalrst Class Mai medievall. Thi medievals i medievaltem shi medievalps only to the 48 Lower Uni medievalted States. I am happy to combi medievalne shi medievalppi medievalng for small i medievaltems and jewelry i medievaltems i medievaln the USPS Pri medievalori medievalty Mai medievall flat rate box. *******I accept payment through Paypal.Please feel free to ask any questi medievalons, I'll be happy to reply :)Thank you for vi medievalsi medievalti medievalng my shop!

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