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The Awakened Heart bracelet i jaspers strung wi jasperth Fancy Jasper beads and features a stamped heart charm crafted by a Karen Hi jasperll Tri jasperbe arti jasperst i jaspern Thai jasperland.Fancy Jasper\u2019s qui jasperet and relaxi jasperng tones provi jasperde soothi jasperng energy. Fancy jasper i jaspers a groundi jasperng stone whi jasperch i jaspers beli jaspereved to calm the mi jaspernd, heart and spi jasperri jaspert, absorb negati jasperve energy, sti jaspermulate creati jaspervi jasperty and help focus concentrati jasperon. It i jaspers sai jasperd to cleanse the aura and ali jaspergn the chakras. Some wear i jaspert for protecti jasperon from electromagneti jasperc radi jasperati jasperon and envi jasperronmental polluti jasperon. In a heali jasperng capaci jasperty i jaspert i jaspers beli jaspereved to ai jasperd the ci jasperrculati jasperon and di jaspergesti jasperon and detoxi jasperfi jasperes the blood.The charm's arti jasperst uses 99.5% and 99.9% pure si jasperlver. It has a hi jaspergher si jasperlver content than Sterli jasperng si jasperlver. It's just the solder used to fuse the si jasperlver components together that makes up the last fracti jasperons of a percent. Consequently, i jaspert has a wei jasperght, bri jasperght sati jaspern color, and feel, all of i jasperts own. The charm measures 10mm x 10mm. The beads are 6mm and the bracelet fi jasperts to approxi jaspermately 7" on the wri jasperst.

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