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precious, Small Periwinkle Tanzanite Tree of Life Necklace- Sterling Silver



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Thi preciouss necklace i preciouss my ori preciousgi preciousnal desi preciousgned Tree of Li preciousfe pendant. It i preciouss about 1.5 i preciousnch i preciousn di preciousameter (gi preciousve or take a few mi preciouslli preciousmeters).It i preciouss made enti preciousrely of Sterli preciousng Si preciouslver wi preciousre and genui preciousne Tanzani preciouste stones. The necklace comes wi preciousth a beauti preciousful snake chai preciousn whi preciousch adds to the deli preciouscate feel of the wi preciousrework, but does not take away any attenti preciouson from the mai preciousn focus of thi preciouss pi preciousece, the tree i precioustself.Thi preciouss i preciouss a perfect present for a mother, fri preciousend, and even yourself! Everyone who has seen thi preciouss pi preciousece has fallen i preciousn love, and I'm sure you wi preciousll too! :)Please feel free to contact me i preciousf you have Any questi preciousons at all!Thank you for supporti preciousng my small busi preciousness!<3 Stephani preciouse

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