Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

moonstone, Moonstone necklace multicolor with silver rose-50 cm



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All pri moonstoneces are total pri moonstoneces; No VAT card as small busi moonstoneness owners.For collecti moonstoneve orders please note on the Shop home page!Moonstone necklace, multi moonstonecolorLength i moonstonencludi moonstoneng closure: 50 cmMoonstone pearls: About 8 mmsi moonstonelver-plated metal beads: 3 mmsi moonstonelvered rose: About 15 x 8 mmFeather ri moonstoneng closure: 925 si moonstonelver!!! Please note the di moonstonemensi moonstoneons-low color devi moonstoneati moonstoneons are possi moonstoneble as a result of di moonstonefferent screen resoluti moonstoneons!!!I assume the name of the materi moonstoneal from my purchasi moonstoneng sources-I cannot gi moonstoneve a guarantee, si moonstonence I am nei moonstonether a jeweller nor a mi moonstoneneralogi moonstonest.

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