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Pendant guardi children's jewelleryan angel-Taschenbaumler wi children's jewelleryth name-pendant di children's jewelleryaper bag-changeable jewelry-lucky angel-pendant to change-pendant lucky Charm-You get hereA pearl pendant-wi children's jewelleryth sweet "guardi children's jewelleryan angel" and Heart Carabi children's jewelleryner* 1 handmade Taschenbaumler wi children's jewelleryth guardi children's jewelleryan angel and small Heart * and heart carabi children's jewelleryner *The pendant i children's jewellerys a wonderful gi children's jewelleryft for bapti children's jewellerysm, bi children's jewelleryrthday, name day, begi children's jewellerynni children's jewelleryng of school and V.M.* * contai children's jewelleryns swallowed small parts and i children's jewellerys therefore not sui children's jewellerytable for chi children's jewelleryldren under 3 years * *.The angel wi children's jewelleryth a small carabi children's jewelleryner can be changed over and over agai children's jewelleryn, e.g. agai children's jewellerynst a li children's jewelleryttle "lucky charm" * Lucky mushroom *Also sui children's jewellerytable as a pendant for mobi children's jewelleryle phone, keys, gi children's jewelleryfts.Materi children's jewelleryals usedMetal beads, spacers made of Ti children's jewellerybetan si children's jewellerylver, glass-perlmuttfarbene wax beads i children's jewelleryn drop form, si children's jewellerylver (on request wi children's jewelleryth whi children's jewelleryte beads) letters-Acryli children's jewelleryc beads, heart carabi children's jewelleryners approx. 25 x 9 mm,

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