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onyx, Elegant Onyx-Collier-UNIKAT



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All pri onyxces are total pri onyxces; No VAT card as small busi onyxness owners.For collecti onyxve orders please note on the Shop home page!Ti onyxmelessly elegant onyx colli onyxer made of poli onyxshed and parti onyxally engraved onyx beads.Pearl si onyxze i onyxn the course: About 8-12 mm-the 8 mm pearls have a smooth surface,Length i onyxncludi onyxng closure: About 47.5 cm,The Colli onyxer i onyxs closed wi onyxth a hi onyxgh-quali onyxty magneti onyxc closure.Please note:**!!! Magneti onyxc closures are not sui onyxtable for people wi onyxth pacemakers!!! **!!! Please note the di onyxmensi onyxons-low color devi onyxati onyxons are possi onyxble as a result of di onyxfferent screen resoluti onyxons!!!I assume the name of the materi onyxal from my purchasi onyxng sources-I cannot gi onyxve a guarantee, si onyxnce I am nei onyxther a jeweller nor a mi onyxneralogi onyxst.

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