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citrine necklace, Citrincollier with pearls very noble!



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From faceted yellow ci citrine necklacetri citrine necklacenes and whi citrine necklacete cultured pearls, thi citrine necklaces noble necklace i citrine necklaces i citrine necklacen bi citrine necklacecolour. In the mi citrine necklaceddle, a beauti citrine necklaceful ci citrine necklacetri citrine necklacene pendant i citrine necklacen si citrine necklacelver and si citrine necklacelver gi citrine necklacelt was used. The ci citrine necklacetri citrine necklacene cabochon i citrine necklaces clear and set i citrine necklacen 925 si citrine necklacelver and the lower part i citrine necklaces gi citrine necklacelded. Si citrine necklacelver-plated stai citrine necklacenless steel sli citrine necklaceces support the sparkle of the ci citrine necklacetri citrine necklacene. Thi citrine necklaces necklace fi citrine necklacets very well wi citrine necklaceth a noble outfi citrine necklacet.It i citrine necklaces closed wi citrine necklaceth a jewelry carabi citrine necklacener made of sterli citrine necklaceng si citrine necklacelver.Length about 48cmThe necklace comes i citrine necklacen a hi citrine necklacegh-quali citrine necklacety jewelry case.

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