Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Snake Pendant "Naga" with Carnol Stone and Gold Spreadmotivational, made of 925% Sterling Silver handmademotivational, giftmotivational, jewelrymotivational, Protective symbol



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Moti motivationalf pendant " Naga " Water DragonTradi motivationalti motivationalonal craftsmanshi motivationalpmade of sterli motivationalng si motivationallver, wi motivationalth gold solderi motivationalng 22KAnd a Carlool stone Enclosedto be worn as a protecti motivationalve symbolUni motivationalqueHandmade by our si motivationallversmi motivationalds i motivationaln Bali motivationalArti motivationalcle : KA - 9074guaranteed 925% sterli motivationalng si motivationallverStamp 925you can order the appropri motivationalate texti motivationalle ri motivationalbbon " Snake " i motivationaln the shopArt. 720 - 45 cm

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