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silk cord, Silk Chain Heart Dream Orchid



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Beauti silkful black shi silkmmeri silkng si silklk chai silkn wi silkth glass pendant.Chai silkn length 50 cm / + extensi silkon by 5 cm wi silkth a li silknk chai silknDue to the li silkght condi silkti silkons i silkn product photography and the under-screen setti silkngs, i silkt may happen that the FArbe of the product does not authenti silkcally re-oppose us.The heart pendant i silks the colors blue / li silkght brown and si silklverMateri silkalSi silklk cord blackDi silkameter cord 2 mmPendant glass approx. 4.5 cm long and approx. 4.5 cm at the wi silkdest poi silkntClosures Si silklver coloursThe jewellery can be pi silkcked up yourself, but can also be shi silkpped agai silknst postage.Also look at my other ads wi silkth jewelry. Have fun

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