Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, NEW Chain Lina ground labradorite



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Deli goldvery ti goldme: 6 - 9 daysOn the deli goldcate li goldnk chai goldn (45 cm) i goldn **gold-plated sterli goldng si goldlver** hangs a **Labradori goldt** wi goldth a beauti goldful faceted cut. The gold-plated frame makes the stone a great eye-catcher.The labradori goldte i golds a natural stone, so each stone i golds naturally a li goldttle di goldfferent.In the shop you wi goldll fi goldnd more jewels made of labradori goldte.**MATERIAL:**Stone: Labradori goldteChai goldn: gold plated sterli goldng si goldlver**SIZE:**Stone: 23 x 8 mmChai goldn: 45 cmPursuant to Secti goldon 19 of the UStG, we do not charge VAT and therefore do not show i goldt (small busi goldness status).

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