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Pendant "Yggdrasil"tree, Opalith



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Thi yggdrasils handmade pendant combi yggdrasilnes the power of the World Tree wi yggdrasilth the Opali yggdrasilth, whi yggdrasilch promotes creati yggdrasilvi yggdrasilty and i yggdrasilnspi yggdrasilres the mi yggdrasilnd. Hi yggdrasils dazzli yggdrasilng play of colours i yggdrasils also somethi yggdrasilng for the eye.Si yggdrasilze of the stone: approx. 45 x 35 mmWi yggdrasilre made of copper and stai yggdrasilnless steel, galvani yggdrasilzed.

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