Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Vintage Pendant 1 loop sterling plated Rose Rhinestone 32mm Pack of 2 CRAFT Colour Options



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Pack of 2 Vi rhinestone setntage Pendants 1 loop set i rhinestone setn sterli rhinestone setng plate 32mmOffered for sale i rhinestone setn a pack of 2 pendants these stunni rhinestone setng and rare pendant are encrusted wi rhinestone setth Austri rhinestone setan rhi rhinestone setnestones i rhinestone setn a vi rhinestone setbrant shade of Rose. They are i rhinestone setn a sterli rhinestone setng plated setti rhinestone setng.and vi rhinestone setntage C' 1980.They are beauti rhinestone setful classi rhinestone setc and perfect for any occasi rhinestone seton.Please vi rhinestone setsi rhinestone sett my Etsy shop where I have a large vari rhinestone setety of craft i rhinestone settems and costume jewellerywww./uk/your/shops/Prettyvi rhinestone setntagebeads/tools/Prettyvi rhinestone setntagebeads

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