Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tribal jewelry, Talismanic Collar Necklace



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A Neck pi talismanece that feels li talismanke an energeti talismanc shi talismaneld. Made of di talismanstressed, repurposed chamoi talismans..w dark brown laci talismanng around neck..Wi talismanth a round buffalo hi talismande shi talismaneld w 2 Afri talismancan cowri talismane shells and another round whi talismante shell i talismann center..There i talismans a si talismanlver ji talismanngle cone w cruelty free chi talismancken feathers hangi talismanng down center 9" wi talismande. 7" long i talismann center. There i talismans di talismanscolorati talismanon on the chamoi talismans..i talismant i talismans meant to be li talismanke that to create a worn, loved feel..made wi talismanth amor.

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