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silver, Olympia Earrings with Turquoise and Pearls



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"Olympi sterling silvera" i sterling silvers a sui sterling silverte of desi sterling silvergns ori sterling silvergi sterling silvernally i sterling silvernspi sterling silverred by the world's Olympi sterling silverc athletes, and hand fabri sterling silvercated by me i sterling silvern my Wi sterling silverlmi sterling silverngton, North Caroli sterling silverna studi sterling silvero. In these Olympi sterling silvera Earri sterling silverngs, I've shaped and hammered sterli sterling silverng si sterling silverlver i sterling silvernto shape, and then added pretty li sterling silverttle turquoi sterling silverse beads and ti sterling silverny freshwater pearls. Includi sterling silverng the sterli sterling silverng si sterling silverlver ear wi sterling silverres and bai sterling silverls, these dramati sterling silverc earri sterling silverngs measure 2-5/8 i sterling silvernches long by about 1-1/4 i sterling silvernches wi sterling silverde.They'll look great on you!

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