Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Sterling Silver Bracelet Bangle Moon Cut Beads 3mm Wide by 7 Inches Long



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Sterli jewelryng Si jewelrylver Bracelet Bangle Moon Cut Beads 3mm Wi jewelryde by 7 Inches LongMoon cut Gold beads cascade completely around the length of the bracelet wi jewelryth a lobster clasp for a secure fi jewelrytti jewelryng and comfort.welcome to my etsy shop i jewelrydi jewelryamondny!!Detai jewelryls--------------Metal: Sterli jewelryng Si jewelrylverWei jewelryght: total: 4 gramsdi jewelrymensi jewelryon : 7 i jewelrynches thi jewelryckness 3 mmfi jewelryts wri jewelryst 6.5 to 7 i jewelrynches Tag us i jewelryn your i jewelrynstagram pi jewelrycs weari jewelryng your purchase for di jewelryscount for your next purchase!i jewelrynstagram i jewelryd : i jewelrydi jewelryamondNY*I personally wrap your pi jewelryece i jewelryn a ni jewelryce gi jewelryft bag or box, dependi jewelryng on i jewelrytems. If you have speci jewelryal needs, please clari jewelryfy. I am wi jewelrylli jewelryng to help you fi jewelrynd your own beauty.WE WILL SHIP OUT YOUR ORDER WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT HAS CLEAREDI have provi jewelryded ori jewelrygi jewelrynal photographs of i jewelrytem for your revi jewelryew.Please use these photo as a preci jewelryse vi jewelrysual descri jewelrypti jewelryon of the i jewelrytem.Communi jewelrycati jewelryon i jewelrys the key to successful transacti jewelryons so please feel free and contact us wi jewelryth any questi jewelryons or concerns.thank youi jewelrytem# i jewelrydnyb16

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