Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement necklace, Silver pearl necklace



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Sale.. Was$85perfectly i decorative bezelmperfect, perfectly organi decorative bezelc The world i decorative bezels your oyster. It's up to you to fi decorative bezelnd the pearls.Hand fabri decorative bezelcated fi decorative bezelne si decorative bezellver pendant (hi decorative bezelgher si decorative bezellver content than sterli decorative bezelng si decorative bezellver) wi decorative bezelth a freshwater pearl. It hangs on an oxi decorative bezeldi decorative bezelzed (darkened) sterli decorative bezelng si decorative bezellver chai decorative bezeln. Length: 21 i decorative bezelnches If you'd li decorative bezelke a di decorative bezelfferent length, please contact me at the ti decorative bezelme of purchase and I'd be happy to accommodate.Stone si decorative bezelze: 4 mm pearlPendant si decorative bezelze: .7 i decorative bezelnches wi decorative bezelde by 1i decorative bezelnch tall

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