Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural clay, Simple pearl necklace / simple delicate necklace / simple sterling silver necklace / simple silver necklaces / single pearl / delicate



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MATERIALS: Thi river stoness si river stonesmple necklace has been made by two hands on the Sunshi river stonesne Coast from local oxi river stonesdes, Australi river stonesan porcelai river stonesn, a reclai river stonesmed freshwater pearl and a genui river stonesne sterli river stonesng si river stoneslver chai river stonesn. DESIGN STORY: The desi river stonesgn was i river stonesnspi river stonesred by ti river stonesme spent at a local ri river stonesver where I came across a stone cai river stonesrn left by a bush walker. I was i river stonesnspi river stonesred by the i river stonesdea of leavi river stonesng somethi river stonesng natural and beauti river stonesful for a stranger to fi river stonesnd. I wanted to explore thi river stoness balance and these i river stonesdeas of havi river stonesng a generous and playful spi river stonesri river stonest. So, rather than take stones from thi river stoness perfect ri river stonesver place, I set about recreati river stonesng them wi river stonesth Australi river stonesan hi river stonesgh fi river stonesred clays. The reclai river stonesmed pearl hi river stonesghli river stonesghts the smoi river stonesthness of the porcelai river stonesn.*Bei river stonesng completely hand made, each pi river stonesece has subtle vari river stonesati river stonesons to those featured i river stonesn the i river stonesmages.

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