Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Ziper charm purseclip delicate hamsa evil eye be happy extra bling



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What an adorable way to complement a zi purse clipper and add extra charm to your handbag keychai purse clipn or even sweater! Very deli purse clipcate , small and cute! Fun! A gi purse clipft anyone wi purse clipll treasure.Si purse clipmple and beauti purse clipful! The evi purse clipl eye has long been sai purse clipd to be a symbol for luck and protecti purse clipon. Pai purse clipred wi purse clipth the other tradi purse clipti purse cliponal symbols of luck, thi purse clips i purse cliptem makes a terri purse clipfi purse clipc accessory and beauti purse clipful present. Comes wi purse clipth a card explai purse clipni purse clipng the meani purse clipng of HamsA i purse clipn a burlap bag.Total si purse clipze under 3 i purse clipnches long(2.5"from top of hamsa to bottom of evi purse clipl eye)

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