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Thi chakra jewelrys Serpenti chakra jewelryne and Garnet gemstone stretch cord bracelet features a flower of li chakra jewelryfe stamped charm desi chakra jewelrygned by an arti chakra jewelryst i chakra jewelryn Thai chakra jewelryland.The name "Serpenti chakra jewelryne" was gi chakra jewelryven to thi chakra jewelrys stone si chakra jewelrynce many types of Serpenti chakra jewelryne resemble the color and texture of a serpent's scales. It i chakra jewelrys beli chakra jewelryeved to help clear out and release the clouded/dense areas of all chakras so that heali chakra jewelryng can occur. Serpenti chakra jewelryne i chakra jewelrys sai chakra jewelryd to help wi chakra jewelryth heali chakra jewelryng on all levels (mental, emoti chakra jewelryonal, and physi chakra jewelrycal). Garnet i chakra jewelrys beli chakra jewelryeved to provi chakra jewelryde a protecti chakra jewelryve i chakra jewelrynfluence and a calmi chakra jewelryng stable vi chakra jewelrytali chakra jewelryty. Garnet i chakra jewelrys thought to heal emoti chakra jewelryonal problems regenerate the body, sti chakra jewelrymulati chakra jewelryng metaboli chakra jewelrysm. It used by some to treat spi chakra jewelrynal and cellular di chakra jewelrysorders and puri chakra jewelryfy the blood, heart and lungs. Garnet i chakra jewelrys the tradi chakra jewelryti chakra jewelryonal bi chakra jewelryrthstone of those born i chakra jewelryn January.The bracelet fi chakra jewelryts to 7" on the wri chakra jewelryst. The Serpenti chakra jewelryne beads are 8 mm, the Garnets are 5mm and the charm measures 12mm. The charm's arti chakra jewelryst uses 99.5% and 99.9% pure si chakra jewelrylver. It has a hi chakra jewelrygher si chakra jewelrylver content than Sterli chakra jewelryng si chakra jewelrylver. It's just the solder used to fuse the si chakra jewelrylver components together that makes up the last fracti chakra jewelryons of a percent. Consequently, i chakra jewelryt has a wei chakra jewelryght, bri chakra jewelryght sati chakra jewelryn color, and feel, all of i chakra jewelryts own.

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