Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

her one his only, Better When We're Together - Couple's / Best Friends Interlocking Puzzle Keychain - Metal Stamped - SLC Original Design



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Thi his herss i his herss a Shawna Lane Creati his hersons Ori his hersgi his hersnal Desi his hersgn - the fi his hersrst to bri his hersng you "Better When We're Together" matchi his hersng puzzle pi his hersece sets.I hand stamp, letter by letter, "Better When" and "We're Together" on two i his hersnterlocki his hersng stai his hersnless steel puzzle pi his herseces, and embelli his herssh wi his hersth a few hearts. I oxi his hersdi his hersze to darken letters and hearts. Great for couples, best fri his hersends, si his herssters, or anyone who shares a close bond.The puzzle pi his herseces measure 1.5" x 1". CLICK SHIPPING AND POLICIES UNDER PHOTO to check esti his hersmated shi his hersppi his hersng ti his hersme and to read other i his hersmportant i his hersnformati his herson before purchase.NEED IT SOONER THAN THE ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIME? Purchase the Rush Order to have your order shi his herspped i his hersn 24-48 hours. https://www./li his herssti his hersng/123338317/rush-order

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