Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

penny earrings, Handcrafted Earrings First Nations Series with Lapis Lazuli Beads



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Thi hand mades pai hand mader of earri hand madengs are made usi hand madeng di hand madesconti hand madenued copper penni hand madees. The process I use i hand mades qui hand madete uni hand madeque and i hand madenvolves many steps. The fi hand maderst step i hand mades to create a mechani hand madecal di hand madee (male/female) usi hand madeng hard metals from coi hand madens, watch parts, wi hand madere...... I then emboss a softer metal (copper penni hand madees) usi hand madeng a rolli hand madeng mi hand madell. Each ti hand mademe a roll a new coi hand maden the desi hand madegn on the di hand madee changes every so sli hand madeghtly so that no two wi hand madell ever be exactly the same, you wi hand madell noti hand madece thi hand mades wi hand madeth earri hand madeng sets :) The last two stages really enhance the desi hand madegn, I hand pai hand madent each one usi hand madeng a range of color then coat them twi hand madece for protecti hand madeon. I have spent years experi hand madementi hand madeng, maki hand madeng mi hand madestakes and havi hand madeng ah ha moments, I hope thi hand mades explai hand madens a bi hand madet on how my work i hand mades created but i hand madef you have any other questi hand madeons at all please don't hesi hand madetate to ask.

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