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"Love Knot" Bangle\r\rA lovely dai bridesmaid giftnty sterli bridesmaid giftng si bridesmaid giftlver bangle featuri bridesmaid giftng a real knot. Knots are often seen as symbols of love & uni bridesmaid giftty, & I desi bridesmaid giftgned thi bridesmaid gifts bangle as a ni bridesmaid giftce i bridesmaid giftnterpretati bridesmaid gifton of that as i bridesmaid giftt i bridesmaid gifts a never endi bridesmaid giftng loop.....i bridesmaid giftdeal for a li bridesmaid giftttle romanti bridesmaid giftc gi bridesmaid giftft for someone speci bridesmaid giftal (or to treat yourself!)\r\rEach bangle i bridesmaid gifts handmade from sterli bridesmaid giftng si bridesmaid giftlver & the knot wi bridesmaid giftll be roughly the same as i bridesmaid giftn the photos but of course sli bridesmaid giftght vari bridesmaid giftati bridesmaid giftons may occur due to the handmade nature of the product - thi bridesmaid gifts all adds to the charm & desi bridesmaid giftgn, & makes i bridesmaid giftt all the more uni bridesmaid giftque.\r\rSelect your si bridesmaid giftze from the drop down menu..... to get a good measurement you need to measure around the wi bridesmaid giftdest part of your hand wi bridesmaid giftth your thumb tucked i bridesmaid giftn as i bridesmaid giftf putti bridesmaid giftng a bangle on. It's always best to double check your measurement. If you cannot fi bridesmaid giftnd a sui bridesmaid gifttable si bridesmaid giftze please get i bridesmaid giftn touch as everythi bridesmaid giftng i bridesmaid gifts made to order so I can easi bridesmaid giftly make a di bridesmaid giftfferent si bridesmaid giftze for you.

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