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spiritual gift, Brilliant Blue Magnesite Bracelet with Om Charm



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Bri braceletlli braceletant Blue Magnesi bracelette bracelet wi braceletth two accent howli bracelette beads and a brass oxi braceletde pewter Om charm. Magnesi bracelette has been valued by many Nati braceletve Ameri braceletcans for hundreds of years. The Pomo people i braceletn Cali braceletforni braceleta used the mi braceletneral i braceletn jewelry and as money. Most money beads were traded by the strand, but not magnesi bracelette. Si braceletnce the magnesi bracelette were consi braceletdered very valuable, the crafted beads were traded i braceletndi braceletvi braceletdually. Metaphysi braceletcally, magnesi bracelette i bracelets sai braceletd to bri braceletng deep peace when medi bracelettati braceletng. It encourages a posi braceletti braceletve atti bracelettude toward li braceletfe. It i bracelets promotes tolerance, allowi braceletng the wearer to accept the self and to take others for who they are wi braceletthout the desi braceletre to change them.It i bracelets sai braceletd to reli braceleteve muscle spasms and general tensi braceleton. It has also been known to help people who have bone and teeth problems and may help to reli braceleteve headaches and mi braceletgrai braceletnes.The dyed blue beads measure 6 mm and the stretch cord bracelet fi braceletts to approxi braceletmately 7 i braceletnches on the wri braceletst. The charm measures 15 x 10 mm.

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