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pewter, Bronzite and Howlite with Om Charm



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Thi beadss Bronzi beadste and Howli beadste stretch cord bracelet i beadss accented wi beadsth a brass oxi beadsde pewter Om charm.Bronzi beadste i beadss sai beadsd to be a protecti beadsve, groundi beadsng mi beadsneral and i beadss used to restore harmony and self confi beadsdence i beadsn si beadstuati beadsons where you feel overwhelmed or powerless. Anci beadsent Romans used to gri beadsnd Bronzi beadste i beadsnto powder form to use as protecti beadson agai beadsnst mental i beadsllness and confusi beadson, and as an effecti beadsve treatment to strengthen the nerves.As for heali beadsng properti beadses, Bronzi beadste i beadss sai beadsd to bri beadsng the body i beadsnto perfect pH balance and i beadss beli beadseved to help wi beadsth treatment of cysts and ski beadsn di beadssorders such as rashes, pi beadsmples, eczema as well as premature agi beadsng and ski beadsn dehydrati beadson.The beads measure 6 mm and i beadst fi beadsts to approxi beadsmately 7 i beadsnches on the wri beadsst. The charm measures 11 mm.

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